How to log in to Citrix

Instructions on how to connect to your Citrix remote desktop

Last published at: December 30th, 2020

To be able to connect to a Citrix desktop, it is best to pick up the latest Citrix client.

The client is called Workspace App and can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and Mac from Citrix:


The installation does not require any settings or information to be inserted, just follow the guide.


There are now two options for connecting:

Option 1

After the installation is complete, access the Internet address:

Here you must log in with your e-mail and code you have been given.

Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to start your desktop.

Option 2

  1. After the installation is complete, open the Citrix Workspace App client.
  2. It will prompt for a login address where must be entered.
  3. Login with your email and code after which you will have access to your desktop.


At the top of the screen, two menus will now appear, Home , which are one's favorites and Desks .

You can mark a desktop as a favorite by clicking on the star, then it will appear on the front page afterwards.