Connect to the management server

Last published at: March 17th, 2021

As an administrator for a customer, you can connect to a management server if you need to install programs or


  1. Activation of two-factor
    Two-factor authentication is required to be able to connect.
    Therefore, a mobile number must be assigned to the user.

  2. Access to customer server (s)
    Access to customer servers locally is controlled centrally so that a log is kept of who gets access when.

# 1 - Assign mobile number

  1. Log in to Atria at the address with an administrator user.

  2. Edit each user that needs access.

  3. Select Additional User Properties .

  4. Fill in Mobile with the phone number of the user.

  5. Save the changes by pressing Provision at the bottom.

# 2 - Contact your dealer

Contact your reseller and ask to activate your management access for your user, as well as get administrator access to customer X's servers.

Example of mail


I want to enable management access for my user .
In addition, I would like administrator access to all servers at the customer Slutkunde ApS . "

If you are in doubt about who to contact, use the contact form .

# 3 - Connect

When the user is in place, you can connect via the internet address .

  1. Login with email and code.
  2. Launch the Desktop you see in the portal. (See note )
  3. Enter the code sent to your mobile phone.


We recommend that you change to the " Download rdp file " via settings (gear in the upper right corner).
This will provide best user experience.

# 4 - Connect servers

On the management server, the mRemote program is available. Via mRemote you can connect to the servers you want.

Click on the small icon and add a new server.

Under Display, enter the desired name, eg "RDSDEDxx" or "End customer X" .
Under Hostname / IP, type the server name to connect to.


If you are in doubt about which servers to enter, simply contact your dealer.