Enable two-factor authentication

Last published at: March 8th, 2021

At Hosted.dk, we use the two-factor provider SMS Passcode , which at the end of 2020 changed its name to Entrust .

SMS Passcode does not require any app installed on the end user's mobile, only requirement is a mobile number associated with the user to whom an SMS can be delivered.

SMS Passcode can be selected on both Remote Desktop and Citrix solutions.


There are two prerequisites required to enable two-factor authentication.

  • SMS Passcode must be activated on the customer who must use it.
    This means that if you can not see the SMS Passcode service during a user's services, you simply need to contact your dealer.

    If you are in doubt about who to contact, use the contact form .

Example of lack of service

  • The user must have a mobile phone number associated with it .

    Via https://cp.hosted.dk you must edit the users.

    Select Additional User Properties .

    At the bottom you must fill in the field Mobile .

    Now press Provision .

Creation / assignment of service

Once the prerequisites are in place, the SMS Passcode service simply needs to be assigned to the users.


After the service is assigned to the user, it can take up to 5 minutes before two-factor is activated, as the user must be synchronized into the SMS Passcode database.