Disable or delete a user

Last published at: March 8th, 2021


Login to the control panel via https://cp.hosted.dk with an administrative user.

Remove services

Whether the user needs to be disabled or deleted, services need to be removed.

Via the side menu, select Users - Users .

Expand the user you want to change.

To the right of the user it is indicated that 1 service has been assigned.
This can be removed via the Services function.

Unfold each service assigned to the user and press Deprovision .

Disable or delete

Go back to the user directory.

Now the user is ready to either be disabled or deleted.

  • Disable
    Means the user's access is disabled, but that he or she can be reactivated if necessary. The profile will remain intact.

  • Deprovision
    Means the user is deleted ! The user will be discontinued and if he or she is to be reactivated, the user will appear as new.

Select multiple users

Note that in the side menu you can choose to perform actions for several users at once.

For example, remove services, disable or delete.